Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow, snow, snow, no, no, no

Ever been sitting in your office on a Friday. Your ready to cut out early you have your stupid lie to tell your boss so you can leave early. you have the sticks in your truck. Then you look out your window, and damn it. Snow all over the ground, you look at your phone and it says 15 degrees. Now your Friday sucks all over again and there is no reason to burn your 15th grandmas funeral. I don't know about you but I wanna play golf, and we cant.
You know what im talking about we wanna go out and hack. I want to pick a beautiful piece of property go out, and hack up more grass trying to get to the green in 5 than my price of admission paid for. What im saying is I don't hate the winter but f the snow.
I will be here drinkin beer, and telling all. I play and try out new equipment trying to make my self better knowing it wont. So check back in with me. Im a regular Joe I don't work for anyone and don't plan to. I will tell you exactly what I think about all the new stuff, and all the courses I play.
So don't hate me to bad just don't like me.